Tom Adams is an imaginer drifting between lands of speculative fantasy, horror and bizarro. When he strays back into the realm called reality he finds himself in Middleland; a geologically beautiful gamut of scenery in the north west of England. The forces that drive him shift their shapes with sharp needles of inspiration, but at present include the art of Zdzislaw Beksinski, the music and words of Ronnie James Dio and a frankenstein amalgam of word-scriptors such as Vonnegut, Tolkien, Clevenger, Leonard, King and Bradbury.

Tom is also an audio-narrator and has many titles on release from Audible.

Why writing in Starlight?

In Dio’s song, ‘Don’t talk to Strangers’, he sings: ‘Don’t write in Starlight, ‘cos the words may come out real.’ This very much sums up the power of the written word and is what I seek in the stories that I write. If my scrivenings can summon up images and emotions that are so real that you feel you can touch them, then I have done my job.