This was so much fun. Completely unique in both characters and story line. If you would like being carried along on a story you wish you were in or a part of- then enjoy

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Audiobook narrated by Tom Adams

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A land of the gods’ judgement. Two blood drenched heroes. The last journey home.

Seth and Seraphina, now closer than ever, realize to leave the Land of the Dead, they must travel on further to the realm of judgement. Unknown to Seth that, by restoring the sun, he had angered the first of all god-like beings, one of pure fear. It has been planning it’s escape for eons, and his coming is the trigger that could ruin or redeem it all.

He travels to judgement to undertake the northern trials and prove he is worth returning to the world of the living, but every challenge is harder, and his new unknown foe is waiting to strike.

Meanwhile, in the land of the sun, Seth’s friends, Goldie, the Reds, Grimm, and the Wolvern, fight battles of their own. They face the new threat of the Order of the Learned and must stop them from destroying the Gods powers on earth and thus creating a new world of fear and endless night.