It's a testament to the author's skill that he squeezed so much content into a two-hour story. Excellent.

Jason Werbeloff, author of 'Defragmenting Daniel' and the 'Crimson Meniscus' series.

Audiobook written and narrated by Tom Adams

Lusus Naturae┬áis Beauty and the Beast in reverse. Charles Renshaw, an aristocrat, purchases a monster called Cyprian – a member of the rare species, Lamia. At first, Cyprian fulfils the role of a collector’s whimsy, then becomes an object of passion as Renshaw’s obsession with her leads him on a path to ruin. Within a short time, he sees his monster’s feral nature emerge and understands that she cannot be controlled as easily as he first imagined. As Renshaw tries to limit the damage he comes to realize that ownership of this exotic creature brings great responsibility.