Character sketch – Chuck Wendig prompt

Here’s a little description in response to this week’s post on Chuck Wendig’s blog: 


If you’ve never visited his blogspot before, it comes highly recommended. Anyway, here’s the character thumbnail, inspired by a recent wedding I attended in a yurt, of all places. The character is called ‘Razorback’, and he ain’t nice.

He entered the marquee, ducking as he did so. Once over the threshold he straightened to full height. Steel eyes stared out from an artificially tanned, moulded-resin face, surveying the scene as he ran his finger between a starched shirt collar and the skin of his tree-trunk neck. Every few seconds his head twitched as if his brain had short-circuited. He saw what he was looking for – an empty chair in the congregation, and strode down the aisle toward it. He held his arms hitched up and bowed at the sides; coiled up tight by virtue of some sinewy ratchet mechanism.
He sat next to a girl wearing a cream-coloured hat disc, tilted on its side; like she had caught a frisbee in her coiffured hair and forgotten to remove it. They seemed to know each other, but she still inched away from him; partly because of his bulk taking up so much room, partly because he discharged a repulsive animal force. For the remainder of the wedding service, I stared at the back of his shaved head. It was creased above the neckline – even it seemed to be a muscle. I imagined his hair made of steel from a wire brush, growing at an impossible speed like wolverine’s claws. Did his steroid-pumped diet allow him to sleep at night? Or did he stare, ceiling-ward, with ferrous eyes, twitching involuntarily until a blood vessel burst?


  1. Hey very interesting blog!

  2. Hey very interesting blog!

  3. David Westcombe says:

    The accuracy of this is terrifying.

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