George R.R. Martin, tantric sex and Simon Kurt Unsworth

What can you make of a title like that? Does George R.R. Martin engage in tantric sex?

Well this is dealt with on my first video-blog, so why not pop over to youtube and see what I’ve concocted?


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Second up is a sound-bite interview with the incomparable Cumbrian author, Simon Kurt Unsworth


Simon was born in Manchester in 1972 and has not yet given up the hope of finding that the world was awash with mysterious signs and portents that night.

He lives in a rambling old farmhouse in Cumbria with his partner and assorted children and pets where he writes horror stories (for which pursuit he was nominated for a 2008 World Fantasy Award for Best Short Story). His first major novel is The Devil’s Detective, a dark and savage thriller set in Hell, available from Doubleday in the US and Del Ray in the UK.

Accolades include:

“With the character of Fool, Simon Kurt Unsworth has crafted a hero among the damned. Original, tense, and full of twists, this is one hell of a great read” (Hugh Howey Sunday Times Bestselling author of Wool)

“Expect gruesome descriptions of horrible other-worldly violence – and subtly life-affirming sentiments in a quirky Lovecraftian tale” (The Sun)

“An entertaining Dantean spin on the police procedural… Appropriately awash with gore and bodily fluids, The Devil’s Detective is damned good.” (The Financial Times)

“Dark and luminous, compelling and insidious, DEVIL’S DETECTIVE is a novel that transcends genre” (Michael Marshall Smith)

“inventive and intriguing – Unsworth turns a journey through Hell into a heavenly read” (Alison Littlewood author of Richard and Judy pick A Cold Season)

He also has a couple of short stories published. The most recent is titled Quiet Houses and was long-listed for the Edge Hill Short Story Collection prize. It follows on from 2010′s Lost Places from Ash Tree Press.

If you want to find out more about him and his work, then visit his website at

So, here’s the interview:

Believer or non-believer? I want to believe…

Anne Rice or Stephanie Meyer? King

Stephen King or Clive Barker? King

Outliner or panther? Pantser by a long, long way!

Self publish or traditionally publish? Traditionally

Psychological suspense or Blood and gore? Both!

Will Self purple prose or Mark Twain simplicity? Both!

Literary rule breaking or stylistic conformity? Depends on my mood but usually conformity.

DC comics or Marvel? DC, but I don’t really like ongoing character stories at all – I much prefer standalone stories like Ito’s Uzumaki or Ennis’ Preacher. I like to have an end in sight….

The Conjuring or The Evil Dead? Evil Dead

First or third person pop? Both

Physical books or e-books? Physical

Self publicist or literary recluse? I’m answering your blog questions, take a wild guess….

Writing group or online critiques? Writing Group

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Anything else you’d like to say? Buy my books, they’ll make you feel glad. Or at least, they’ll make you feel glad you’re not a character in my books.


The devil’s detective – UK Amazon

The devil’s detective – US Amazon

Next blog features news about the release of my novel, ‘The Psychonaut’. So make sure you keep a look out for the post.

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