Love, loneliness and lunacy … and snacks by Tim Bold

A review

Poetry, eh? Not the kind of reading I readily dive into, so a book of poems would have to be pretty special to catch my attention. Thankfully, Tim Bold’s book appeals on a number of levels. Firstly, they’re damn well written. Whether rhyming or not, the cadence and rhythms of the sentences carry you with them. Secondly, they address a vast range of subjects – from topical issues to feelings of mortality to humorous takes on situations and people we’ve all encountered in our own lives (if you’ve lived to a certain age.) Thirdly, they make you think. Not in a preachy kind of a way, but more in a manner that invites you to look at something from a new perspective.

The fact that these were all written, one per day, during the UK’s lockdown period adds a certain topicality to the pieces. With this writing process in mind, I took to reading two or three a day which seems the right dosage to allow one to ruminate on the thoughts that Mr Bold is trying to convey. Some, like ‘Locked Down’ and ‘In the Park’ actually speak of emotions and thoughts born from the topsy turvy situation we’ve all experienced. Yet others touch on the joy of music or the kind of meals we enjoy – subjects that would be relevant whatever the world-wide situation.

Like all good poetry (and I include song lyrics here,) there’s a sense that the reader can interpret these assemblages of words in lots of different ways. In this respect, I know I’ll dip into them again; even if it’s just to gain a sense that there’s someone out there who feels the same way as I do about particular situations, anxieties and experiences.

My favourites? Too many to mention but I’ll single out ‘The introvert’s lament’ for expressing something that I never could myself, ‘Remembering when’ as it resonates with me due to Tim and I being as old as we are, and ‘Dessert’ because it’s both funny and clever.

So, if you’re not the type to read poetry in the normal course of events, give Tim Bold’s book a chance. The world is a better place knowing this kind of writing is out there.

You can buy the book at this link.

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