What is your defining horror moment?

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Greetings to all Connoisseurs of Chaos,


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You will notice from my greeting that there is a collective noun for my subscribers now – Connoisseurs of Chaos. I hope that you like the term. I feel it sums up the high standards of taste that you all possess, while recognising your devotion to all things dark, horrific and ‘out there.’


How do you like the collection of stories you downloaded? ‘Defiled Earth’ was many months in the making and draws on ideas and inspiration from the most unlikely of sources. You may have read the author’s notes at the end of the tales and seen how the seeds of a story can spring from encounters, observations, films, TV and, of course, books!


Which brings me to a question I would like to ask you:

What is your earliest, defining horror moment? The time when you first had a brush with the macabre and were transported into worlds both fantastical and terrifying?

For me, it was watching the film ‘She’ by H. Rider Haggard. The final scene where Ayesha, played by Ursula Andress, saw her enter the flames of eternal youth, only to have the years stripped away from her. The transformation from beautiful queen into an aged hag caused me to run, terrified, from the lounge. This was actually a bad move because I missed the end of the film. So I was left with this persistent image of death, in rapid motion. It provided fuel for nightmares for months to come.


Other milestones along the way were reading Marvel comics’ ‘Tomb of Dracula’ and ‘Dr Strange’, watching Hammer House of Horror, and seeing the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Salems Lot’ starring David Lee Soul. Barlow was easily the scariest vampire I had ever witnessed – he even beat Dracula!


So, do share your formative horror experiences with me. It would be great to read your comments – feel free to enter them in the box after this article.


Finally, if you liked ‘Defiled Earth’, it would be great to have a review from you, however short. Reviews mean a lot to authors as it helps promote their work to a wider audience. Than you so much in advance for doing this.

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  1. Scott Dyson says:

    Hello! I’m looking forward to checking out your stories – found your blog through a comment on Chuck Wendig’s site. Great question! For me, my defining horror moment was probably watching the Brian DePalma film DRESSED TO KILL. I don’t know why, but Michael Caine’s in-drag character just creeped me out to the point of giving me nightmares. King’s SALEM’S LOT was probably not my first horror read (I had read some Poe short stories) but it was the one that gave me an inkling of what could be done in the genre with words.

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Scott. Thanks for dropping off your comment. I think I vaguely remember seeing a snippet of ‘Dressed to Kill’ once. You’ve spurred me on to check it out again. Chuck Wendig’s blog’s a blast isn’t it? I always imagine I’m down at the bar, supping a cool beer on a Friday night, and he’s there waxing lyrical. All the best, Tom.

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