99 Penny Dreadfuls

99 Penny Dreadfuls – as the phrase suggests, these stories are very short. Not quite as short as Hemingway’s 6 worder:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn

That sort of story requires an extra special skill. Apparently he wrote it after a friend challenged him about using less words.

This offering features two stories that will appear in my next book – Beasts, Brutes and Abominations. Warning: the second is sexually explicit (C’mon, you know me by now)


Long Pig. Ugly name for an exquisite dish. Psychologist says my craving is an addiction, a type of slavery. I’ve listened but pay her no heed. She doesn’t understand and I don’t care. I simply pay lip service to the therapy, an illusion of rehabilitation.

After ten years in this place, I’ve earned my perks. Kitchen assignment is one of them. There’s no midnight shift but here I am preparing cuts of succulent meat for breakfast. The menu should be porridge and beans on toast, but I think my fellow inmates will prefer their sautéd medallions of Dave Mulligan.


Bete noire

You ask the same question they all do – How could I? Let me pose you a counter-question – what do you desire in a lover? Attractiveness? Companionship? Loyalty? Soul-sharing? Deep, satisfying sex – and let’s not beat around the bush – that’s a must.

My beast gives me all these things. He dwells in the machine. Here, let me show you. No, don’t be afraid. Look, I climb into the nook he has opened. Ahh, his sex enters me – organic, metalloid, an orgasmic delight. You want to share? I cannot allow that. But his brother, just over there, is available.


Inspired by H.R. Giger.

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