The Legacy of Christopher Lee

This tribute by Kevin Hurtack says it all.


Originally posted on Gunsmoke & Ghouls:

So, most of you that are horror fans know Christopher Lee from his days of Hammer Films. For me his most powerful roles were those he did for Hammer. They’re also ones that stood out to me as a teenager and have had a profound influence on my own creativity. A lot of good actors have portrayed Dracula but for me Lee’s performance was second only to Bella Lugosi. Much like Lugosi and Vincent Price, Lee was able to embody and personify evil in way that transcended mere acting. He could convey emotions with a mere look upon his face that was more impactful then any spoken word yet was done with a subtle nuance that rather then comical overacting. Sometimes when you watch a movie with a famous actor there’s the tendency for the actor to overshadow his role. I don’t see the character but instead instantly recognize the…

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