Unleash the beasts

Greetings Connoisseurs of Chaos – or should I say fellow beasts?

Lots of exciting news to report from me this week. First off, my next book to be released will be ‘Beasts, brutes and abominations’. It’s scheduled for the beginning of October and will be a collection of novellas and short stories. Here’s the blurb:

Welcome to the world of the beastly, the monstrous and the diabolical. Tom G.H. Adams has compiled six tales to disturb and unsettle you, each one written in blood dripping from his dark pen.

            Ever wondered what a demon thinks during its eternal existence? What about the concept of a place where suffering is several orders of magnitude greater than hell itself? A place where even children are held accountable. Can you imagine the torment? Tom Adams can, and he wants to share his visions with you.

            Beasts, brutes and abominations features a story about majestic creatures roaming the earth at the time of the Great Flood, a glimpse into the life of a woman who has sex with machines and a leaf from the diary of a teenage girl who’s conscience has been seared as if by a hot iron. All these and more, tied together with author’s notes after every story, giving the reader an insight into his twisted inspiration.

            You have been given an invitation to enter these worlds of horror, just be sure to bring an arsenal of weaponry – these beasts don’t fight fair.

To get a flavour of these stories, I have produced a prototype video:

Next, I’m proud to announce that I have been commissioned to narrate Sterling Nixon’s fantasy audio-novel, Acadia. Work starts in earnest during September with a release planned for late October. I’m thrilled to be part of this project and would encourage you to check out Sterling’s book by clicking the picture below or here


AcadiaI may have more big news on the narration front next month. In the meantime, if you’re an author looking for a narrator, particularly if it’s in the horror/thriller/fantasy genres then check out my audio narration page here








Finally, I’m proud to announce the winner of the competition I set last time. I set the question: Where does Cormac Leary bury the bodies in my novelette, ‘Defiled Earth’ and the answer was Grieves Bog. There were a number of correct entries, but the lucky winner is Paula Fulkerson. She is now the proud owner of a signed copy of my novel The Psychonaut. Just to show you that these prizes are real, I asked her to send in a selfie of her and the prize. So here it is:

Paula - Competition winner

Next time, I will have more news about further audiobooks I will be narrating together with a post on how to get ideas for writing stories.

Until then – Excelsior!



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